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We've done our best to create a unique RPG / PvP Style Towny Server with some awesome plugins. Everything from town protection, personal item protection, RPG elements, PvP Elements, custom stats for McMMO, PvP and more!

Sorry for this change but it wasn't quite working because (the plugin I was using was laggy AF) and I'm really trying to find a balanced perfected system. Here's where it's at now and I think this is it!

All standard members can make money from: (at a reduced rate)

- naturally spawned mobs

- mob arena

- spawners

- No item or XP drops from Spawner Mobs

If you donate for VIP you then get the above at a x2 rate

If you donate for LifeVIP you then get the above at a x3 rate

If you donate for Spawners you then get a x3 rate which puts creeper kills at around 7.5 credits per kill, the magic donator sweet spot.

- You also get Spawner XP Drops

- You also get Spawner Item Drops

All mobs from spawners must be killed by hand to get any XP, Item or Money drops. Automated farms won't work

There has been some confusion about PVP and what's right and when you can attack a new this is basically how it works for new players:  Click ME

Basically once newbie protection is down they are free to attack and free to return the favour. There is kill spam protection installed as well. More than (2) kills per 60 seconds will get you kicked.

Battle Pets!

[Staff] erdrickk posted Thu at 10:32

Video on the new Battle Pets Plugin. I forgot to mention in the video that your pets will walk around with you and follow you. If you get too far away it will teleport to you.

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