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World8-4 Minecraft

A Minecraft Community with Towny/PvP and Vanilla Servers

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Towny 1.8

World8-4's Towny server requires a 1.8 client and runs most 1.8 features such as crafting, blocks, mobs and animals! Our core plugins are Towny and McMMO with about 65 others to give you a complete Towny experience. Log on and join the community today!

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Vanilla 1.8

Our 1.8 Vanilla Server uses the Rainbow Mod to add a few much needed perks in to the game such as Homes and Land Protection! This server is normally offline and brought up as backup when our main server is down for updates. Feel free to join up when you see it online!

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Community Events

Keep up to date in this section with community events, contests and more!

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