Server Highlights


A complete player run protection system that's easy to use!

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in-Game Shops

Purchase In-Game items with credits at player run shops! /warp market to visit the market!

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Custom Quests

We have an awesome expanding quest system that will take you on adventures!

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Random Loot

Obtain random and rare loot from custom made Boss Mobs!

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Other Great Features

  • Bottled EXP
    Bottle up your EXP to keep safe in a chest or sell to other players!
  • Custom Particles
    Make yourself unique by changing your particle effects on many things!
  • Furniture
    Have fully custom looking furniture and blocks without having to install mods!
  • Deathchests
    Your stuff stays in a chest after you die, keeping it safe until you find it!
  • Tags
    Name your items to whatever you want, personalize how you play!
  • Pets
    Ever get lonely and want a companion that you can also ride?
A plugin that takes the core mechanics of minecraft and gives a RPG style leveling up feel!
There are tons of quests waiting for you, why dont you go get to doing them!
Have someone greif your build or take your stuff illegaly? We can fix that with our special admin powers!
There is currently over 150 plugins installed to give you more to do in the game, you'll never get bored!
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